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the proposed I-265 widening project
Widening I-265 is the State’s top priority. During 2017 the KYTC implemented a statewide ranking system of highway projects based on needs: including traffic volumes, congestion, safety, economic benefit, and other factors. The widening of I-265 from four lanes to six lanes ranked as the highest priority project statewide.

Therefore, KYTC is advancing a project to add one 12-foot wide travel lane in each direction of I-265 between KY 155 (Taylorsville Road) and I-71. KYTC is currently advancing other interchange projects on I-265, including the interchanges with I-64 and I-71, but those are separate efforts.

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What do you think about the proposed project: adding an extra travel lane for each direction?

These images show how six lanes could fit within the existing right-of-way, which varies along the corridor.
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